The buyer can pay the purchase price with a credit card or invoice. For payment on invoice there is a payment term of 30 days after invoice date or if agreed otherwise between the seller and the buyer.

Each delivered product remains the property of Detectable Solutions bvba until it is paid in full.

Purchase on invoice:

Payment on invoice is only possible for consumers aged 18 and over. The invoice amount becomes due on receipt of the invoice. Detectable Solutions bvba reserves the right not to offer certain payment methods in individual cases.

If the invoice amount for reasons attributable to the customer is not paid by the due date at the latest, Detectable Solutions bvba will charge a fixed compensation in the amount of € 15,00, unless the customer can prove that there is mutual agreement between the seller and the purchaser.

In case of payment on invoice as well as in other cases for which there is a justified cause, Detectable Solutions checks and assesses the data of the customer and exchanges data with credit registration agencies.

For a decision on the use of the payment method 'purchase on invoice' we use - in addition to our own data - probability values for the assessment of the credit risk that we receive from our external partner. The calculation of the probability values is based on a scientifically recognized mathematical statistical procedure. The aforementioned companies will continue to be used to validate the address details you have provided.


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