Return for recycling

Return used detectable materials

Used detectable materials can always be sent back to be recycled with us.

In this way you contribute your bit to the environment.

You also have a budgetary advantage. You still have to pay for your waste.

You send us your detectable materials to us.

With us, if necessary, the different components are disassembled so that pure materials remain.

These are collected, cleaned, disinfected, grinded and processed back into granulates.

New products are made from these granulates.

How it works:

  1. You print the recycling document (find below).
  2. You collect all used detectable materials.
  3. Put all detectable materials in a box together with the completed recycle document.
  4. Prepare the package and send it to us.
  5. The details for shipment can be found here.
  6. Upon receipt you will receive a confirmation from us.



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